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 Welcome to Ms. Ekman’s website!


Daily Lessons- Please use the tabs at the top to navigate to the daily lesson plans or other things that you are looking for. There are tags on the right side to help you find your class.

Join Google Classroom! Please join the correct class with the codes below. You will need to be logged into your school Google to do this.

Period 1 AP Lang- rx3c3k6
Period 2,7, and 8 Honors 9- z99xsan
Period 3 SWS9- or4w6m

Turning in work- All work will be turned in on Google Classroom. You will see a green check mark beside assignments that are turned in. This is an easy way to be sure your work is turned in.

Supplies- For the first week of class, please bring a notebook, a composition book and something to write with. More about supplies later.

AP Lang 2017-2018 calendar

Syllabi- The syllabus for each class is posted below. Please contact me if you have any questions.



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