Friday 12 September

11 Sep

Turn in Friday paragraph to the basket.

Literary Terms quiz. Put your name on it!!!

Continue reading “Most Dangerous Game”.

Learning Target- Identify ONE internal conflict and THREE external conflicts.

Notes: Begin page 12, column A (bottom), “No doubt…”

  • Why is Z bored with hunting?
  • Find 1 example of foreshadowing that Z hunts men.
  • What are the rules of Z’s hunt?
  • Rainsford- 1 internal conflict
  • Rainsford- 3 external conflicts
  • Predict- What will R do next?

Friday Paragraph #2- Due Friday 19 September

Is it ethical to hunt animals for sport? Why or why not? What about hunting when the animal is used for food? For clothing? How about fishing? Same or different?

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