Thursday 11 September

11 Sep

Poetry Thursday- What would you do in Rainsford’s situation after he falls off of the boat? Explain in detail what you would do. Be realistic and think of your strengths and weaknesses.

We will be going to the computer lab to type this and turn it in on Googledocs.

Computer lab 2-203- Please follow the directions below. You don’t have all hour, so work quickly.

1. Log in using your student ID and password. If you have not logged in yet this year, you will need to change your password from the default one.
2. If you change the password, you will then need to log out and log back in.
3. On the green strip, find the RPS Gmail link and click it.
4. Your login here is your ID plus @isd535 dot org.
5. Your password is the same on you used to get onto the computer.
6. Once you are into Google, click on Drive (the triangle symbol).
7. Next, click the red button marked Create and go to the blue Document.
8. Now you are ready to type. Title your document by clicking on the box on the top left. Title it “MDG writing #1”
9. Type your response.
10. When you are done (or when we are out of time), share your document with me. Click on the blue button marked Share. Type my email in the box.
11. Now you’re done! 🙂

When you are finished, go to the site with the text of the story. Scroll down and begin reading at the paragraph beginning, “Perhaps,” said General Zaroff”. Stop at the line, “The general lit a fresh cigarette.” If you don’t get this far in class, please find a way to read this before tomorrow.

You have a quiz on the literary terms tomorrow and your first Friday paragraph is due. Make sure you are ready!

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