Thursday 25 September

25 Sep

Poetry Thursday- You are a prince/princess – Give a detailed description of your castle (or your room in the castle). Use imagery – sensory and descriptive details to paint a clear picture for your audience – Consider what kind of mood you wish to create for your audience.

Today we will be working with short stories to analyze plot and conflict.
Learning Targets- Analyze a short story for conflicts and elements of plot. Provide and explain text evidence.

1. Read the story assigned to your group.
2. Spend TWO minutes talking to your group about the plot, paying particular attention to the turning point and how the author builds suspense.
3. Answer the plot question.
4. Review the story quickly (2 minutes), paying particular attention to conflict, both internal and external.
5. Answer the conflict question. Make sure you fully explain your evidence.
Turn in your work at the end of class.

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