Friday 21 November

21 Nov

Poetry Thursday– Since we missed this yesterday, we’ll do it today. Next week is Thanksgiving, so let’s write about it. Choose ONE of the topics below and write about it.
* What Thanksgiving food would you like to learn to cook, and why?
* What three people are you the most grateful for, in your life, and why?
* If you could invite any famous person to join you for lunch at Thanksgiving, who would it be?

Mini-lesson– Students will learn how to take notes by paraphrasing. Students will learn how to properly sources.

Paraphrasing is KEY in notetaking!  Put the information in your own words rather than mindlessly copying and pasting information from articles. Read the article and pick out the 3 most important facts in the article. Then paraphrase those facts and write them on your paper.

After that, we need to match the information with the source and document the source. There is a correct way to do this and while Easybib works sometimes, it has its flaws. You need to know what to do with the information, so we will practice with this article. Here is some key information you need to document a source: author (if one is listed), article title, website title/ magazine title, publisher information, date published, format (web or print). Copy down the works cited entry for this article and annotate it.

Book Groups– Now, we are getting our book group books. Write a works cited entry for your book. Read the first few pages of your book and make a plan to read over the weekend. You should have about 20 pages read by Monday.

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