Friday 19 December

19 Dec

Book Group Meeting #4

Today we are thinking about THEME. Even though you may not be finished with the book yet, you probably have an idea of the theme. In a novel, theme is the main truth about life that the reader understands from reading the book. It is not stated directly, but rather inferred from clues in the text.

Individual #1-
1. What is the theme of your book?
2. Give TWO pieces of evidence that prove that theme.

Group #1-
1. Share your ideas in your group. Everyone must talk!
2. Come to a group consensus on a theme statement. Remember, theme is not a single word; that’s a topic.
3. Each group member should add ONE piece of text evidence to prove the group theme statement.

Group #2- This is new!
Match up with others who have the same color stick as you do. These are people who did NOT read your book.
1. Take 2 minutes to think about plot, character, conflict and theme.
2. Tell your group about your book. Talk for at least 1 minute, preferably 2 minutes.

Individual #2-
1. What book would you like to read next time? Put down 2 choices. There will be other choices also.
2. What do you think your grade (1-10) should be for the 4 book group meetings? Why?


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