Monday 22 December

22 Dec

Today we will be using your novels to identify mood/tone in fiction text. This is another opportunity to master tone! Follow the directions below. Here are some finished examples.


1. Choose a one-page passage in your book that makes an impression on the reader.
2. Choose TEN words from that passage that help create that impression on the reader.
3. On your big paper, scatter the words around the page. Put a box around those words and don’t color inside of that box. This will make the words stand out more.
4. Write a sentence that expresses the tone of the passage.
5. Create art which supports that tone and text evidence of the 10 words.
6. Use color to support this idea.
7. Do NOT simply illustrate what’s going on in the passage.
8. Write a paragraph showing how tone and diction are connected in this passage. The paragraph is at the very end of the file linked above.

This and the vocabulary triangles (all 7) will be due tomorrow at the end of class.

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