Monday 2 February

02 Feb

Friday Paragraph #17: Watch this video. After writing about your 3rd quarter goals last week and reflecting on your 1st semester, some of you found you did quite well, and others – not so much. Needless to say, it could be tempting to get really down on yourself and feel as though you were a failure, or to look ahead and worry you may not be successful 2nd semester. DON’T DO THAT!!! This is a new semester – a new opportunity to “Shine like Gold”. As the song says, you are worth more than gold, so for this week’s paragraph due: Friday, 02/06, write about what makes you great – worth more than gold. Focus on all your good qualities. You have several. If you can’t think of any, talk to your friends, family members – they will come up with many examples for you. This is your chance to shine and show the wonderful, beautiful person you truly are.

Learning Target Identify similarities and differences between Homer’s Odyssey and a modern poem and a 19th century painting.

Original text (page 652 in the book)- You read this on Friday. Take a couple minutes to review the section. Read to the end on page .

Poetry connection (purple book page 655)- Suzanne Vega wrote the poem “Calypso” based on Homer’s story. This poem is told from Calypso’s point of view. How does the author of the poem transform the story of Odysseus and Calypso in her poem?
Venn diagram– What’s similar and what’s different? Why?

Art connection (purple book page 655)- Where is Calypso? Where is Odysseus? What is going through Calypso’s mind in this moment? What about Odysseus? What is the mood of the painting? Why?
Add to the Venn diagram. How is this similar and different to what we saw in the story? How is it similar/different from the poem we just read?

Turn in your group’s Venn diagram on Classroom.

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