Thursday 5 February

05 Feb

Thursday writing (8 minutes)- Use this time to work on your Friday paragraph. OR (and this is much more fun), reassign colors to several different items in your world. For instance, maybe trees will be pink and water will be orange. Write about how different, interesting or confusing this would be.

Find your notes from yesterday. You have notes on Homer’s Odyssey (original text), Percy Jackson (video) and [maybe] Beardon’s “The Land of the Lotus Eaters” (collage).

Review Beardon’s piece. Answer these questions in your notes.

Next we will work with two contemporary poems based on this episode from The Odyssey. Read Saturn’s “Lotus Eater” and Cave’s “Night of the Lotus Eaters”,  In the remaining spaces, list at least 4 things about each piece and how it relates back to Homer’s original.

Reading (12 min)- Find ONE passage that you can share with your group tomorrow. In your notebook, write the page number and paragraph. Then write a couple sentences about why that was an important passage. You will be sharing these in groups tomorrow.

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