Tuesday 10 February

10 Feb

Learning Target- Students will create a sample works cited page using proper MLA format.

You will be working from the Purdue OWL page regarding MLA documentation of electronic sources. Rather than just plug the citation into Easybib and accept what it spits out, you will use a format and arrange the information on your own. It’s actually not that difficult.

With your team, create a Works Cited of the six items below. Then add ONE of your group member’s books for a total of seven entries. Create your document through Classroom and turn it in when you are finished. Turn in one document per team. 

Picture– It is not enough to cite Google image search. You need to follow it back to the source and cite that.

Video– If it is a clip, include that information.

Song– Yes, this is Wikipedia, but it is a good place to find publication information. Go to “other common sources” and scroll to “song”

Poem– This is the writer’s blog. Otherwise, cite a poem like any other article on a website.

Story– The whole book is on Google Books. You only need to cite the story. Find it in the table of contents.

News article– Seems simple in comparison.

Book– One of your group member’s books.

Fill out the form for your work yesterday.

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