Thursday 5 March

05 Mar

Today is your last day in the lab before presenting your project to the group. Make sure you have discussed with your group how you will present, who will speak and how you will conclude your talk.

Also, make sure your Works Cited page is present and correct. When it is, turn it in on Classroom.

Learning Target- Students will learn the basics of effective presentation skills and formatting of a visual. Go through this document ppp-tips-1  for help with what works and what doesn’t work. Even though this is geared for PPT, the same info applies.

Check these things to be sure they are the most effective. If you have large amounts of text for me to read later, that is fine. Just don’t try to have your audience read it.

Yes, I’m messing around in the App Store. I’m sorry if you are get pop-ups. 🐨

When you have 10 minutes left in class, fill out the form below.

If you have any questions, send me a message via gmail ( I’m not guaranteeing that I will respond immediately, but I’ll try to check email several times during the day. Be good!

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