Bees Chapter 5

16 Apr

3rd pd-


  • Takes place at August’s house


  • August; Kind, Intelligent, Cultured

  • May; Childish, Happy ,Emotional

  • June; Serious, Musically talented


  • Internal- Lilly feels different because of her skin color

  • External- World Problems with discrimination

Historical Background

  • News reports of freedom marches and death caused by the social fear of black gaining equal rights

Language Devices

  • When the sisters are giving may a bath they are washing away her misery after watching the current events on the news (pg89)


  • Black Mary Statue- It gave the slaves strength

1 Important Quote  “But shes White” (pg87)

4th pd-

7th pd-
Plot:  The plot of chapter 5 involves Lily and Rosaleen adjusting to their lives at the Boatwrights’ house. They begin to settle in and fall into somewhat of a routine. We also find out in this chapter that August and June know that Lily and Rosaleen are lying.

Characterization   In this chapter we get characterization of the three Boatwright sisters. We Learn that August is a caring and motherly person. We also learn that June is a somber person that doesn’t smile much.

Conflicts  One example of an internal conflict in this chapter is Lily having to deal with her lie and whether or not she should tell the sisters.

One example of an external conflict is the argument at the end of the chapter between Rosaleen and Lily

Historical Background:  In chapter 5 the characters are watching television and the news reporter on the screen is Walter Cronkite. Walter Cronkite was a popular news broadcaster in the 60’s and 70’s on CBS news.

Language Devices:  One example of metaphor that we found was on page 84 “August said honey was the ambrosia of the gods and the shampoo of the goddess”. In this she is saying that honey is godly. Another example of hyperbole is on page 87 “August flipped off the light and let out a sigh that floated into the darkness”

Symbols:  May’s wall is a symbol for how people can get rid of sadness by letting it out. She writes down what is making her sad and puts it in the wall to get rid of it. This is a symbol for the way that all people can get rid of sadness.

Important quote:  An important quote that we found was on page 100 “your mother left you, Lily. Let it alone” this is important because it’s saying that Lily has to accept that her mother isn’t coming back.

8th pd-  This group did a slide presentation.

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