Thursday 7 May

07 May

Chapter 12 was the turning point of the novel. It was here that Lily made a decision and followed through with it. Her decision can’t be undone. What was her decision that she made in chapter 12?

Chapters 13 and 14 are falling action and resolution. All loose ends will be tied up in these last two chapters. Please read these and answer the questions posted in Classroom.


Period 1 7:40 TO 8:23
Period 2 8:28 TO 9:11
Period 3 9:16 TO 9:59
Period 4 10:04 TO 10:47
Period 5 10:52 TO 11:35
Period 6 11:40 TO 12:23
MOCK CRASH 12:28 TO 1:28
Period 7 1:33 TO 2:16
Period 8 2:21 TO 3:03
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