Thursday 10 Sept- AP Lang

10 Sep

Read Bumper Sticker Bravado. You can either use a paper copy or the link to a digital copy.

Then skim this second article, also about the phenomenon of bumper stickers.

Answer these two questions in your notebook- (from Everything’s an Argument page 453)

  1. Even while Perry denigrates the “No Fear” stickers, he includes himself in the question, “What sort of vacuous buffoonery allows us to adopt such slogans?” What might Perry’s pronoun choice reveal about his attitude toward his audience? Toward people who have “No Fear” stickers on their vehicles? Toward himself?

  2. In what ways is this article an article about the nature of public and private life in US society? What is the real meaning of each of the vehicle decorations Perry describes? (What, specifically, does “No Fear” mean? Who is afraid or not afraid? Of what or whom? why? Try providing a paraphrase of “No Fear”.) How is each of the decorations described a declaration of faith? To what extent do you accept Perry’s analysis of these decorations and declarations as arguments? Why?

Homework- Please view the video on Rhetorical Appeals. We will be using these terms all year. Also, please continue browsing for a columnist to follow this year. More on this tomorrow!

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