Monday 21 September- English 10/11

21 Sep

Friday Writing #3- 10 minutes to work on this. This is Homecoming week. Think of a time when you returned to something (place, person, idea, thing). How did it feel? How did it affect you? How did you feel about it afterwards? Were you changed? Was the thing to which you returned changed? This seems like a “deep” topic, but see what you can do with it.

Literature- On Friday, we finished “The Enemy”. Review the story by working on the questions on page 53. Please complete Interpreting (1-4), Think and Discuss (1-2) and Character Motivation (1-3). We will discuss these before moving on to the writing task below.

Conflict- Review the large 4-square box in your notebook. Make sure that you have written and explained at least one conflict in each box. Go back through the story and fill in details and notes if needed.

Writing- Write a paragraph explaining one conflict in the story. Include characterization details about the character, everything about the conflict and why the character does what he/she does (motivation). I will provide a framework for this, but you may structure your writing however you wish.

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