Tuesday 22 September- AP Lang

22 Sep

Today we will start working in depth with the rhetorical triangle and ethos/pathos/logos.

Turn to page 1 in The Language of Composition. Read pages 1-3. Take notes on the bold vocabulary words. You will need to be able to use these academic words in context.

Next, read the section on the rhetorical triangle. A well-crafted argument must have a balance of these three things.

The last section you need to read is on the appeals to ethos, pathos, and logos. You may remember this from 9th grade, but this is a good review. Again, take notes on what you don’t already know.

Now, go back to the Frost piece. Discuss at your table and brainstorm the question below. Then write and turn in your response for tomorrow. Submit via Classroom.

Question- How rhetorically effective is Frost’s argument? Explain your answer in terms of subject, speaker, audience; context and purpose; and appeals to logos, ethos, and pathos.

This is a nice visual that puts together this information.

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