Monday 28 September- AP Lang

28 Sep

College essay week- If you have already submitted your apps, choose a scholarship essay to work with. If you don’t have any at this time, choose one from the Common App blog and play along.

College essays are about balanced tension. They are about winding ribbons of themes and extended metaphors unraveling to dance freely in the wind. College essays are about soul crushing failures and soaring successes. They are the truth tidied.

Narrative is the formal structure given to this genre, but the structure itself is not rigid or formulaic. Narrative asks the writer to breathe life into words and allow the form to mold about experience.

In a nutshell, narrative is free but not chaos. Here are a few what not to do’s.

Here are some great examples of narrative essays:

Joan Didion from Blue Nights

George Orwell On Shooting an Elephant

E.B. White Once More to the Lake

Assignment- Choose TWO from above. For each in a paragraph:
Identify exigency and purpose
Analyze tone and mood

Also, bring a first draft of an essay you want to work with this week. We will workshop this essay TOMORROW, so please be ready.

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