Tuesday 29 September- AP Lang

29 Sep

Revision Workshop
** Go through each of these steps for each paper at the table.

1. Read the paper aloud: reader is correcting as they go, audience is listening for places they like and places that are confusing.
Give feedback: 1-2 places to improve; 1-2 places to keep

2. Pass papers to the left and do the following:
Read title – are you intrigued?
Check format – is it correct?
Read through for vocab – circle vague language (things, stuff, many, very, every, always, etc)
Answer the question – do I believe this, why/why not?

3. Pass paper again and apply the rhetorical framework to it – hold it to the standard that you would a piece assigned to read. Discuss with table exigency and purpose – can you distinguish between the two for each piece? Why or why not? Does it read like there is an intended audience, or is it “student-ese” writing?

4. Pass back to writer and do the following:
Circle the first word of each sentence. Do you need to vary your starts? Do you need to play with sentence length?
Read through for conciseness – can you condense phrases and ideas into 1-2 words instead?

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