Wednesday 30 September- AP Lang

30 Sep

Make sure you are reading your memoir text and have filled in the form below. By Monday you should be about 2/3 done.

Rubric– Look at the rubric for Q1. The letter grades will change slightly as your skills improve. The number grade in Skyward will not be the same as your 9 point rubric scale. Skyward does not understand this type of rubric. It only knows percentages. #sadface

Reviewing Narratives-
Quickly, skim back over the two pieces you read on Monday. For each you wrote about exigency and purpose and analyzed tone and mood.

Next, dive back into the text and find a passage that BEST shows the tone. Pick specific words that help to shape that tone.

Third, find a passage that reveals the writer’s persona. Again, pick out specific words that help the reader understand that persona.

Lastly, save the last word. Find the most powerful sentence of the piece. Then trim it down to three words. And then, just THE most powerful word. Be able to explain your choice.

For Thursday, read and annotate Plato’s Allegory of the Cave. Another link with a different illustration. We will have a circle discussion about this text focusing on the ideas as well as Plato’s rhetorical strategies.

For Friday, revise and submit your college essay through Classroom. I’ve also added a reflective question to the assignment. Make sure you spend a bit of time thinking about the process. This will be for a grade.

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