Tuesday 13 October- AP Lang

13 Oct

Get a textbook and turn to page 51. We continue our study of authors’ use of diction and syntax with JFK’s inaugural speech. To read and annotate, let’s use TinyPDF. Open the app and take a look at the user guide.  Then open the link above in Safari, and in the top right, click on “Open in TinyPDF”. Now you can annotate and save your work. Awesomesauce!

First, number the paragraphs so we can find stuff easier. You should have 28 paragraphs total. As you read, think about diction and syntax. We will have some questions to answer when we are finished.

After reading it once, let’s listen to the speech. Make notes of any differences that you notice as you hear it instead of reading it. What words did Kennedy emphasize?

Each table has been assigned FOUR questions from page 55 to answer. The BLUE ones are the diction questions and the RED ones are the syntax questions. With your table members, answer the questions in your notebooks. Everyone should contribute ideas and write responses. We will work more with this speech tomorrow.

Homework– College essays and apps. And read your choice memoir.

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