Monday 26 October- English 10/11

25 Oct

Vocabulary #5-
bristle (noun, verb)
camouflage (noun, adj, verb)
chronology (noun) plural- chronologies
commemorate (verb) past- commemorated
counterfeit (adj, noun, verb)

Friday #7 is posted in Classroom. I will be looking for (and grading) run-on sentences this week. If you need more practice, I suggest Grammar Bytes, exercise 5.

Theme review- Remember that theme is the author’s message about life. It is not what you’d find in a fortune cookie and it doesn’t include a “should” statement. Here is a short video showing the difference between subject (one or two words) and theme (a statement about life).

Now, on your iPads, find the app named Epic! You may need to set up an account. Search for the book titled Spork. It’s a kid’s book with a pretty obvious theme (and some cute pictures). Read the book while thinking about theme. Fill out the form below about theme. You will need to be logged into Google on Safari to view the form.

Spend the rest of class reading your independent book!

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