Tuesday 3 November- AP Lang

03 Nov

Today we will look at the analysis essay from the 2006 exam. Here is the reading and prompt. Read the piece and sketch out a rough outline that might work for an answer to the prompt.

Next, read the three student essays on your table. Give them a score based on the scoring guides provided. Be prepared to justify your answer.

Book Choice– Pick either Annie Dillard For the Time Being or Anne Lamott Bird by Bird. The links provide more info about the books. Make your selection below.

Your task. After re-reading the piece “On Laziness”, plan and organize an essay in which you analyze the rhetorical strategies that the author uses to prove his point. Consider aspects of diction and syntax as well as purpose and tone. You may use any other piece we have read as point/counterpoint to Morley’s piece. Please compose your essay on the GoogleDoc. It just makes grading and giving feedback so much better. This essay will be graded on the 9-point scale and is due NO LATER than Wednesday 11 Nov. If you turn it in after that, please understand that it may not make it onto this quarter’s grade.

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