Tuesday 10 November- AP Lang

09 Nov

Writing focus- Goals. Several weeks ago, you wrote goals in your notebook. Find that page. Take a serious look at your progress for this class. How are you doing? Are you making progress? How is your effort? What about your attention in class? What grade should you be getting? Why?

Tone- What is it? Why is it important? Remember, tone is linked to diction. In the excerpt you selected from your book, dig deep for tone and diction, proving with textual evidence. Create a graphic of some kind to show this concept. Turn in via Classroom.

Read- Please be to page 50 in Time and page 54 in Bird for Thursday. If you find the time, read ahead. I would like to have these books wrapped up by 24 Nov.

Homework- Finish your analysis essay on “Laziness”.

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