Tuesday 22 December- English 10/11; English 9

21 Dec

Learning Target- Students will learn how to organize notes and write a body paragraph of the research paper.

So I have all of these note sheets. Now what? Look at this sample paper first. Yours will be much shorter, but the same idea. Here is another sample paper.

1. Go through your note sheets and read through your notes on the subtopics. Put a number 1 beside what makes sense to use first. Then, label the next one 2, and so on… Put a star (or some other mark) beside the ones that just don’t fit anywhere. Later, you will go back and fit them in somewhere.

2. Writing Body Paragraphs- There is a formula to this. Body Paragraph Framework

You will have at least three body paragraphs, more if your topic needs more. Use your notes (with citations) and your commentary on the notes to build these paragraphs.

*** Do not use first person (I, me, my, we, us) or second person (you, your, you’re, you all, ya’ll). Also, NO QUESTIONS! Remember, you promised.

Sample paragraphs from my fabulous Native Americans paper and another student paper.

Now try it! Write one body paragraph. After break, we will write more, but I want you to have one done before you leave.

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