Tuesday 5 January-AP Lang

05 Jan

Argument review– “About Men” by Ehrlich (pg 132 in the grey book). Quickly skim over the piece, paying attention to the way the author structures her argument.

Grounding questions– What audiences are likely to accept Ehrlich’s arguments about men? What audiences will likely not accept those arguments? Why not? Who is Ehrlich’s intended audience? On what grounds do you make these judgments?

Structure–  Make a 6-box grid and give text evidence for each of the following:
* A claim involving a question of definition
* An attempt to establish a definition acceptable to most readers
* An examination of the claim in terms of the accepted definition and all conditions
* Evidence for every part of the argument
* A consideration of alternative views and counter arguments
* A conclusion, drawing out the implications of the argument

Homework– Review the assignments in Classroom for the Education paper and the Self Assessment. Please take note of the due dates associated with each assignment.

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