Friday 8 January- AP Lang

08 Jan

Take a look at what the graders said about the student samples we read yesterday.

Work on constructing your topic and thesis for the Education paper. Begin reading sources also. Below are some essays found in the book They Say, I Say (with readings). It’s the small teal book. Links also provided.

Should Everyone go to College?” by Owen and Sawhill (208)
The New Liberal Arts” by Ungar (226)
Are Too Many People Going to College?” by Murray (234)
Two Years are Better Than Four” by Addison (255)
Colleges Prepare People for Life” by Hrabowski (259)
Hidden Intellectualism” by Graff (264)
Blue-Collar Brilliance” by Rose (272)
Bowie State Commencement Speech” by M. Obama (285)

Graduation” by Angelou

How to Tame a Wild Tongue” by Anzaldua

Learning to Read and Write” by Douglass

The Fourth of July” by Lorde

Learning to Read” by Malcom X

Aria: Memoir of a Bilingual Childhood” by Rodriguez

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