Tuesday 12 January- AP Lang

12 Jan

Today we will be working with print ads and you will be working in partners. You may choose your partner, but choose wisely.

  1. Get materials. You will need 2 iPads, one piece of paper divided into 4 boxes, and colors (optional).

  2. Go to Classroom and open the Google Slides titled Ads for Analysis. Choose one ad to work with. Each pair should choose a different ad, so choose quickly and let me know what number you picked.

  3. Open the pdf titled Deconstructing an Ad. In each of your 4 boxes, go through the 4 steps and answer the questions about your ad. Both partners’ ideas should be represented on your paper.

  4. Turn it in by snapping a picture and attaching to today’s assignment.

Turn in your rough draft tonight! 

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