Tuesday 12 January- English 10/11; English 9

12 Jan

Today we are in the computer lab to finish up the research paper. Please use the checklist below before turning in your paper.

Please go through all of the steps!
* Do cite all sources, even if you paraphrase.
* Your Works Cited and your internal citations should match.
* Do have someone else edit your paper. It makes a big difference.
* —Do read your paper out loud, and backwards, to catch spelling errors and other weirdness.
* Do check for words/expressions that are commonly confused to be sure you used them correctly.
* Don’t use you—ever—in any form.
* No 1st person! If you don’t know what this means, Google “first person pronouns”.
* Avoid contractions—they are considered “informal usage.”
* Don’t use exclamation points or question marks unless they are used in information you are directly quoting.
* Don’t use slang. Keep formal style and don’t “talk to” the reader.

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