Monday 22 February- English 9

21 Feb

Review the Quarter 3 plan and project. Read this document start to finish. Presentations will be about 15 minutes each. Your presentation must be complete by 11 March. We will do presentations on 16-18 March. This project/presentation includes 6 priority standards and will be the majority of the quarter grade.

Today you will be searching out information for your presentation. First, check out Shmoop for information about The Odyssey. This site can help you with themes, symbols and details you may have forgotten. In particular, look at the sections on themes and analysis. Here’s another video of the story; it has 3 parts, so search around for the other 2 if you want to use it.

Then, search the Internet for artwork, songs, poems, stories and/or video that is related to themes, symbols and ideas found in The Odyssey. Keep these links on a Googledoc for future reference. Share the document among your group members.

I have started a sample Google Presentation to give you a rough idea what you will be creating. This is just a small start. I expect more from your work.

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