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Friday 8 Sept- English 9 SWS

Today we will be reading another article and annotating the text. Since we worked together slowly on the last one, this one will be a little more on your own.

If we finish early, take some time to work on Friday #1.



Tuesday 30 May- English 9

Pds 1&4- Go over exam project. This will involve MND and include a bit of creativity. You will choose TWO slides to present during the exam period next week. This will be included in your grade for the assignment. Go over Best Summer Ever assignment. This will be one of your favorite assignments of the year!

Pds 2&8- Go over Best Summer Ever assignment. This will be one of your favorite assignments of the year! We will begin video presentations on Friday for pd 8 and Monday next for pd 2.



Wednesday 26 April- English 9

Today is a work day. My suggestion is that you spent the class period finding your short nonfiction pieces, writing about them, and starting on this week’s Friday writing.



Thursday 23 March- English 9


Research nutritional information, especially what teenagers need. What does a healthy diet include? What should be avoided? What nutrients are required? What are the best foods to meet those nutritional needs? Don’t focus on calories, instead focus on nutritional requirements.

Make a graphic showing what you’ve learned. You can use either Google Slides or Google Drawing, or some other graphics app.



Thursday 16 March- English 9

  1. Semester reading project- It’s posted in Classroom. Ask me questions about it.

  2. Get a non-fiction book from the library. It needs to be at least 150 pages. And something you want to read.

  3. Use your planner to map out how you will get this book read by 21 April.

  4. Start reading!



Wednesday 18 January- English 9

  1. Check out Friday #16. This one will be graded for PS 1 (Informational Text).

  2. Also posted in Classroom is the final exam. It is due when you come to class on finals day.

  3. Yes, you have to be here for finals. We have a class activity that you can’t miss.



Thursday 12 January- English 9 (pds 2&5)

  1. Friday #15- Take 10 minutes to work on this. You should be to the point where you are ready to revise your sentences to fit the ABC criteria.

  2. Using the book Chew on This, select a passage between 1/2 and 1 page in length. Read the passage and determine the author’s tone. Re-write at least 3 sentences of the passage and change the tone. Focus on the verbs.

  3. Choose one topic in the book to learn more about. Do a Google search and find 2 articles about that topic. Save your links!

  4. Read the articles and write a short summary of each.