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Monday 18 Sept- English 9 SWS

Today we will finish up the rough draft of the Farming Paper with your introduction and conclusion.

When I looked at these over the weekend, I noticed many didn’t have CITATIONS! Check your work.

Also, your paper needs to look like a paper with paragraphs. Remove all of the directions and be sure it is 4 clear paragraphs. Works Cited goes at the bottom.

When you have it tidy, let one of us check it and then we will print a paper copy for editing.

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Turning in your project- English 9

  • Use the assignment link in Classroom. Delete the stuff that I wrote.

  • Make sure everything is on ONE document.

  • Anything that was on paper, take a picture and insert it in your document.

  • You may take pics of long passages instead of copying them.

  • Use section headers to separate the different parts.

  • Works Cited at the end. Be sure the WC includes everything you read and is in proper MLA format.

  • Turn in when you are done.



Monday 10 April- English 9

Friday #25 is due tomorrow. Make sure you get this turned in.  Friday #26 is posted in Classroom. It’s a check-in on your nonfiction book.  This should be finished by next Friday 21 April. You may use today to finish 25, read, and/or start 26.

Pds 1&4- Tomorrow we will have notes about archetypes and literary lenses. Please bring your copy of Lord of the Flies.

Pds 2&8- Tomorrow we will begin a new class read.



Friday 17 March- English 9

Today is your last chance to work on Friday #23. Please note that this is a full 5-paragraph essay. It needs to be complete and be proofread for grammar and mechanics.



Wednesday 14 December- English 9

Today is the last day to work on the research final draft (due Friday). You can also use the time to finish up Friday #12.

Weekly list- Each week I will post a Padlet and a question. Add your thoughts (including your name). When I approve and post the responses, I will remove your name. Check out this week’s list below.


Thursday 8 December- English 9

Paragraph structure- The focus will be on finding a topic sentence and putting supporting details in logical order.

Unsmashing paragraphs- The focus with this activity is how to divide a huge chunk of text into paragraphs.

Handouts for both activities are in Classroom.

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Guest Bloggers!

This tab is updated! Go read some of the cool stuff your classmates have written.

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