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Tuesday 10 Oct- AP Lang

Today we are going to try out discussion using Today’s Meet. I will give you the room code when you get to class.  You may use your own device or an iPad. You will need to have both texts available.

Declaration of Independence

Declaration of Sentiments

We will be discussing the key sentences, phrases, and words that you identified.

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Monday 9 Oct- AP Lang

Syntax focus– Order of parts in a sentence

Natural order of a sentence

involves constructing a sentence so the subject comes before the predicate

Oranges grow in California.

Inverted order of a sentence (sentence inversion)

involves constructing a sentence so the predicate comes before the subject (this is a device in which normal sentence patterns are reversed to create an emphatic or rhythmic effect)

In California grow oranges.

Split order of a sentence

divides the predicate into two parts with the subject coming in the middle

In California oranges grow.

Now try it. Create a sentence and revise it into each of these three patterns.

Columnist– Find another article by your chosen columnist. Record your thinking on the slide assignment in Classroom.

For tomorrow– Review the Declarations. Select one key sentence, one key phrase, and one key word for each piece. This will be the basis of our discussion and I will expect everyone to contribute. Yes, everyone…


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Tuesday 3 Oct- AP Lang

Types/Organizers- Table groups will make organizers of the three main patterns of argumentation (Classical, Rogerian, Toulmin) as reference documents for the table. These will be available for all at the table and will probably move from table to table. You may use the textbooks and/or Google to assist you. 

For Wednesday- Read the pieces by Buckley and Gladwell that were posted in Classroom. 

For Friday- Read the two Declaration pieces posted in Classroom. 

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Monday 2 Oct- AP Lang

Intro to Argument Unit

The purpose of the unit is to clarify the structure of argumentation, read examples of argumentation, and model argumentation writing. Approximately 6 days.

Quindlan- Commencement Speech at Mount Holyoke College. This is a nice bridge from the Identity Unit to argument. You already read the speech and annotated it. Now we can discuss what is being argued and how the points are made.

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Thursday 28 Sept- AP Lang

Today we will first take a look at some sentence level analysis. Consider the sentence below.

He was walking, running, and jumping for joy.

Parallel structure (parallelism)

refers to a grammatical or structural similarity between sentences or parts of a sentence; it involves an arrangement of words, phrases, sentences, and paragraphs so that elements of equal importance are equally developed and similarly phrased

Now, try it. Create a sentence using this parallel structure. Is there a place in your Identity Essay that could use such a construction?

Columnist Draft- Please complete the form in Classroom regarding your columnist. We will work with another piece from this writer next week.



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Wednesday 27 Sept- AP Lang

Open this file of rubrics and scroll to the last one, which is what we will use to score your first major essay.  Ignore the 4 columns on the right.

What do you need to do to make this paper a polished effort?

Find one trouble spot in particular that we can conference about during this class period.

Final drafts on Friday.


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Thursday 21 Sept- AP Lang

Today you should work on getting things turned in on Classroom. There’s lots of assignments not turned in and I need to start grading stuff. If an assignment is ungraded, there is a comment to that effect.

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