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Monday 23 Oct- English 9H

Writing warm up–>  Finish this sentence and explain: When people look at me, they would never guess _____. Try to write at least 6 sentences.

Grade Tracker–> This will be your weekly writing assignment. Please note! There is an opportunity to improve your grade. Take advantage of it.

Observations–> I gave feedback on many essays this weekend. Here is some of what I noticed. Tomorrow we will have a formal peer-editing activity.

  1. Book title format

  2. Academic tone

  3. Third person only

  4. Specific text evidence

  5. EXPLAIN how text evidence proves your points

  6. Introduce quotes

  7. Questions are gross

  8. Don’t talk about the essay in the essay

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Thursday 12 Oct- English 9H

Stage 3 wrap up. Page 214, question #’s 8,9,12.

This is individual work. Put it in the basket when you’re done.

If you finish early, please work on FW#6.

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Wednesday 11 Oct- English 9H

Chapter 38-43- The end of the novel

Fold your paper into 4 boxes. Label them, one for each chapter (front and back) for a total of 6 chapter boxes.

For each square, provide 2 important plot points, 1 setting (including atmosphere), and one visual that sums up the main ideas.

The leftover boxs are for you to write a theme statement and explanation.. Remember what we talked about yesterday.

Don’t forget to be working on FW#6!

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Tuesday 10 Oct- English 9H

As we near the end of the book it’s time to start thinking about theme.

Write a short (3-5 sentence) paragraph stating a possible theme and explanation of that theme.

We will discuss the end of the book tomorrow.


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Tuesday 3 Oct- English 9H

We will continue working on characterization in Great Expectations. There is an assignment in Classroom that will be due on Monday 9 Oct.

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Monday 2 Oct- English 9H

Today is the wrap up for Stage 2. You will again do this on paper and should be handed in when you leave.

I have drafted several of you for Academic Seminar tomorrow. Please check your Skyward schedule tomorrow morning to see where you are assigned.

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Friday 29 Sept- English 9H

First, let’s review flat/round and static/dynamic characters (slide 40).

Then we need to talk about the end of Stage 2. OMG!

Last, let’s examine another way to discuss characterization.  Lesson idea credit to my awesome student teacher last year.

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